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Motorcycle Insurance

editorialMotoYou have just bought the bike of your dreams, now what? With the right type of motorcycle insurance policy, you can rest assured that you will be covered in the event that you suffer injuries and damage to your motorcycle. If you suffer any sudden and unexpected injuries or losses caused by a motorcycle-related accident or liability to people injured in or by you and your property.

If you own a motorcycle, Connecticut Insurance Associates can help protect you. Call us today for more information about our motorcycle insurance policies.

Much like automobile insurance, it is important to have coverage in the event of an accident. Although there are many differences between auto insurance and motorcycle insurance.

You may qualify for a discount including multi- motorcycle policies, and mature drivers discounts. Discounts may also be offered to drivers who have completed certain motorcycle training programs or if you are a motorcycle safety instructor.

What type of Motorcycle insurance should I get?

Most states require at least liability insurance on your motorcycle. There are three types of policies:

Liability insurance covers the other driver in the event of an accident

Collision insurance will cover the cost of any repairs to your bike should you be in an accident.

Comprehensive insurance covers the repair or replacement of your bike due to fire, theft, and vandalism.

You must determine what is personally best for you and what you can afford.

What determines my premium amount?

There are certain things that are taken into account when your premium payment amount is determined. For example:

– Make and model of motorcycle(s)

– Engine Size

– Distance you will travel per year

– Is your motorcycle your only mode of transportation?

– Age, location, and driving record

“Protect you and your vehicle from liability exposure.”

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