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Other types of Insurance

editorialCommercialAt Connecticut Insurance Associates, we offer a wide variety of commercial vehicle coverage for all of your business vehicle insurance needs. Call us today for more information about our commercial vehicle insurance programs. We can customize your coverage to meet your business’s specific needs to help you save money.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance Program includes:

Liability insurance– protects you against financial responsibility in the event that you or your employee is at fault in an accident. Where people are injured or property is damaged.

Collision Insurance– protects your commercial vehicles against collisions with other vehicles or objects. Pays to repair your vehicle if it is damaged or totaled.

Comprehensive Insurance– Protects your vehicle in non-collision incidents such as Theft, Vandalism, and Fire and Theft with CAC.

Does not apply to non-owned trailers. Trailer Interchange Insurance can be purchased separately.

Underwritten by “A” (excellent) Rated Company

*other coverage limits available

“Protect your Business and your assets from liability exposure.”

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